How to fix sony tv color problems

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May 27, 2021 · Select Picture Adjustments using the Up / Down buttons, then press the Enter button. Select the item to be adjusted, then press the Enter button. Reset: Resets all the Picture Adjustments settings to the factory settings excluding Setting Memory, Picture Mode and Advanced Settings.. My TV screen is suddenly started having a problem, it is frequently distorting colors and tv display problem the problem seemed to be in its hardware. tv pic.... I need to know how to fix Sony TV color problems. If it just updated the firmware, do a hard power cycle. That didn't fix it. Resetting it to factory setting.... Issue #3 - Updating on MacOS. For once it seems that the streamlined ease of use of macOS has halted. It is, in fact, a goofy turnaround that you need to do to get an update on your Sony camera. To be honest, though, it's probably a fix that needs to come from Sony more than from Apple, but anyway, if you're having issues upgrading it's.
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